About Us

Hi all! I'm Heather, Founder of My Kitchen Culture

Heather Chef_GifFood is everything to me. I’m not one of those “eat to live” people. I’m definitely, hands-down…a “live to eat” type person.

And I can’t imagine living any other way!

On vacations, I’m the person who will map out the itinerary based on restaurant destinations corresponding to the meal of the day. I also love exploring restaurants in the city that I live in (San Francisco <3!)

But where I prefer to experience my love for food the most….is in my own kitchen.

It’s where I get to be the master CREATOR of any concoction that my taste buds can dream of —  cashew nut cheesecakes, medium rare steaks, creamy Acai bowls topped with coconut praline granola, and my favorite Chinese dish —  Mapo Tofu (my Dad’s version!)

By the way, note that I said ‘master CREATOR’ not ‘master CHEF’ above. To me, cooking food in my kitchen is about experimenting, trying new things, and just having fun!

Just as an artist needs the right paintbrushes and paint set…or a musician needs the right instruments…

A master CREATOR in the kitchen needs the right gadgets and appliances.

That’s where My Kitchen Culture comes in — I’m on a mission to experiment with the best kitchen gadgets and appliances to whip up my favorite dishes, and I’m sharing what I learn here with you.

There are a bajillion websites out there that also center around the kitchen, but I’ll give you info, resources, and access to the best kitchen appliances all in one place! You’ll be your own Master Kitchen CREATOR in no time.

Why create a site just for Kitchen Stuff?

Food has always been the glue that brings my family together.

Chinese meal

Coming from a traditional Chinese (Shanghai-nese) family, the familiar aroma of my Dad’s decadent Shanghai-style braised Pork Belly (Hong Shao Rou) or my Mom’s Chive Pancakes (Jiu Cai He Zi) would permeate in our home and my siblings and I would eagerly gather around the kitchen table. Or we’d have a family dumpling making night which could elicit just a bit of friendly competition of ‘whose dumplings are folded better’…

Dumpling making

Stories of our days were shared, family traditions were passed in our kitchen. It didn’t matter what our day was like, it was about living in the moment in that kitchen.

That is what Food is to me — it’s connection, community and deliciousness all wrapped up in one. Today, I love gathering my family and friends and hosting a meal in my kitchen…it’s where laughter takes place and bonds are strengthened.

As I build this blog, I want to carry forward my family tradition of our love for food into the place that matters most — your kitchen.

That’s why I started My Kitchen Culture.

Here's How I Can Help You...

Here at My Kitchen Culture, I review the best kitchen gadgets and appliances so that you can get everything you need to create your favorite foods in your kitchen. You’ll also find tips, tricks and new explorations you can apply in your kitchen, plus practical advice like proper storage and cleaning techniques so your foods always taste delicious and fresh!